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Kemptown jobs The proposed 275-mile, 765-kilovolt power line would run from AEP’s John Amos plant in West Virginia, 31 miles across three counties in northern Virginia, to a substation near Kemptown, Md.

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Icelights: Answers to your burning questions about ice and climate What’s hot in the news around climate and sea ice and what are scientists talking about now? Read more

The convoy of Islamic State militant group (ISIS) fighters that was stranded in the Syrian desert for two weeks has reached its final destination in eastern Syria after the U.S.-led coalition allowed .

The Russian military has offered syrian rebels safe passage out of eastern Ghouta, setting out a deal by which the opposition would surrender its last major stronghold near Damascus to President Basha.

Passage to Eastern Europe Danube River Cruise – Viking . – Experience the best of Eastern Europe on an 11-day cruise from Bucharest-Budapest. See the sailing schedule and itinerary for this Viking river cruise.

Becky Kent, MLA Cole Harbour Eastern PassageRussia offers rebels safe passage out of eastern Ghouta – MOSCOW/BEIRUT (Reuters) – The Russian military has offered Syrian rebels safe passage out of eastern Ghouta, setting out a proposal to let the insurgents surrender their last major stronghold near Dam.

Russia has offered rebels and their families safe passage out of besieged Eastern Ghouta as Syrian government forces continue to pound the opposition enclave. Russia’s Defense Ministry said it would p.

Assad fighters continue to bombard eastern ghouta, despite a UN resolution for a ceasefire. The have also been reports of a suspected chemical weapons attack. photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Vladimir Putin has ordered a daily five-hour “humanitarian pause” in the besieged Syrian enclave .

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